Agricultural Services

From contract farming agreements to planting and harvest support services, we offer the complete package—the equipment, production methods, genetics, consulting services and sales network to help you successfully expand into hemp farming.

Interested in diversifying your farm to include hemp? Do you already grow hemp, but need help with harvesting, post-harvesting and selling? Third Wave Farms can help on all fronts.

If you’d like to start growing industrial hemp but need help making the transition, our modern-day sharecropping agreement is a smart way to start. Under this contract farming model, we can enter a one-year land lease with your farm, and work with you to plant our seed in your fields. We supply a hands-on farming team and resident manager to oversee the crop through the growth cycle and harvest, then give you a healthy share of the profits. Along the way, you’re learning the ropes and making decisions about whether hemp farming makes sense for your future. It’s a relatively risk-free way to learn to farm a new crop, and learn from the best.

Or, you may already grow hemp and simply need help harvesting, drying and prepping it for sale. For these farmers, we provide a full spectrum of toll services, including machine harvesting for biomass, hand harvesting top flower, environmentally controlled drying, compliance/quality testing, milling, packing and storage. Our environmental hemp dryers use innovative technology to speed the drying process and leave molecules and other useful compounds intact—a crucial step in delivering the best results.

When it’s time to sell your hemp, Third Wave Farms can support you all the way to the finish line. You’ll have access to a strong buyers’ network with established markets for grain, fiber and CBD.

Third Wave Farms is actively seeking regional farmers to produce hemp using the Third Wave System.
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