Education + Advocacy

Partnering to attract, support and educate today’s farmers on advancements in hemp farming. It’s an exciting new world—one that’s ripe with profitable opportunities.

Compared to traditional soybean crops, farmers who invest in hemp and CBD crops receive about ten times the revenue per acre. Yet many farmers are either unfamiliar or skeptical of the current hemp farming opportunities, the difference between hemp and marijuana, or the legal protection offered under the U.S. Plant Variety Protection Act.

At Third Wave Farms, we’re committed to spreading truth and education—and helping today’s farmers understand the full picture of hemp farming, the lucrative nature of this expanding market, and the complete legality of this agricultural crop.

To educate today’s farmers, we offer ongoing seminars and workshops on the industrial hemp opportunity, growth expectations, farming techniques, crop rotations and proper harvesting. We’re also partners in two university research studies—one with Kentucky State University on the impact of hemp farming on world economies, and another with Purdue University in Indiana on the direct impact of hemp on other agricultural farms and crop rotations.

To be an advocate for the hemp industry, we partner with Hemp Road Trip, a global grassroots campaign seeking to increase awareness of industrial hemp, educate the public, influence policy makers and create economic growth opportunities by ending the misunderstanding of industrial hemp.
We also support Growing Warriors, a nonprofit organization that equips and trains military veterans with necessary skills to produce high quality, naturally grown produce for their families, communities and country.

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