The future of agricultural hemp production starts here. The Third Wave solution is strong seed genetics coupled with research and breeding partners - This is the first step in achieving compliant, stable, higher yield production.

At Third Wave Farms the future of industrial hemp production starts with the seed—and the unique genetic profile that determines everything from germination rates and disease resistance to growth. We know that providing stable quality genetics is the first step in achieving compliant, higher-yield hemp production, and ultimately, to a profitable harvest.

Fortunately, seed genetics is our strong suit.

Through our scientific research and breeding, we develop industrial hemp genetics specifically designed for large-scale agricultural production of CBD, grain and fiber. Our genetics expertise helps us supply farmers with regionally adapted hemp seed varieties that reduce production risk and help ensure successful crops with healthy profits.

Third Wave brings transparency – from seed to sale – from breeding, to germination rates, third party testing and historical data collected by university partners. Our seeds are an open book. Which means there’s no guesswork about how they will perform.

We work with breeders all over the country developing strains that are resilient, disease resistant and higher yielding. Whether a farmer is looking for CBD, CBG, grain or fiber seed Third Wave can offer a broad variety of cultivars. Best yet, our unique genetics method actually lowers the production cost of seed—a savings we pass along to you.

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