Trent Paasch

Co-Founder + CEO

Raised in Portland Oregon and having spent his childhood on his grandparent’s farm, Trent recognized the importance that farming and food played in his own family. After culinary school and working as a Chef in Portland, Trent attended Marylhurst University studying business and literature. Trent’s first entrepreneurial endeavor came after college when he and two friends started an import business bringing in Greek Olive Oil to local restaurants and distributors.

The next step in Trent’s food career lead him to Pacific Seafood where he established himself as a top food service sales performer managing territories in Oregon, California and Washington. Trent shifted gears to a commodities position where he traded oilseeds including canola, soy and tropical oils. Trent rose into a national accounts role for the oils division where he established new business with national brands and food service distributors.

In 2014 Trent moved his family to Southern California where he started his own supply chain consulting company Third Wave Foods. In 2017 Trent and Mike Lewis met while working on a project with a company developing CBD products. Through this project came numerous discussions about the challenges and opportunities in hemp—a friendship was born and soon after Third Wave Farms was formed.

Today as CEO of Third Wave Farms Trent manages the C-Team spearheads the overall business development strategies, serves on the Board of Directors and continues to raise capital for the company’s expansion.

Mike Lewis

Co-Founder + Director of agriculture

Farming is truly in Mike’s DNA. Born in the aptly named town of Farmington, Maine, Mike follows his great grandfather’s footsteps as the first family member in two generations to continue the farming legacy. After growing up on rolling acres of green farms, Mike served in the Army at Arlington Cemetery, then found success in a variety of industries before an awakening in 2008 led him back to farming. He took an internship on an organic farm in Gravel Switch, Kentucky and founded Growing Warriors—the first Veteran oriented food security project with a mission to equip, asset and train military veterans in production agriculture to feed themselves, their families and their communities. To date, the organization has provided education and training resources to hundreds of veterans and their families.

In 2014, Lewis began farming hemp and developing rules for the Kentucky Pilot Program while serving as a member of the Kentucky Hemp Commission. Mike became the first federally permitted hemp farmer in the US since prohibition. He also worked to help pass the 2014 Farm Bill.

Lewis has won numerous awards for his work in agriculture and farming, including the 2013 and 2014 Local Food Hero award, the 2015 Wendell Berry New Agrarian award, the 2017 Kentucky Colonel award, the 2014 Yahoo People That Made the World a Better Place award, and the GRIST 50 award.

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Lewis is on the Board of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) a non-profit trade association representing more than one thousand supporters, farmers and business members serving the hemp industries where he is involved in helping to shape policy, standards and educational resources for farmers. He was the first president of the board of the Kentucky chapter of HIA and is a former member of the KY Hemp commission—the group that crafted Kentucky and federal legislation surrounding the Farm Bill that was passed in January 2019.

After co-founding Third Wave Farms in 2017, this award-winning leader and sought-after speaker now serves as Director of Agriculture, responsible for production. Every day, he brings his passion and expertise to lead a modern farm movement using technology and better business practices to revitalize what was once a cottage industry.

Lewis currently resides in Kentucky with his wife, daughter and son. When he is not on the farm or working the fields, Lewis enjoys reading and debating the relationships between religion and ecology.