A lucrative hemp crop begins and ends with precision agriculture. Our investments in cutting edge Smart Agricultural technology help ensure successful hemp production—from the sky down and from the ground up.

If you’re partnering with Third Wave Farms to produce hemp, nothing is more important to us than your crop’s success. We prove it by offering expert guidance, education and best practices for hemp farming, production and crop conversions. We also invest in modern technologies that keep you informed about the state of your crops, and how to keep your plants healthy, disease-free and growing toward a full harvest.

For example, our sophisticated drones collect thermal images of the crops, providing a valuable picture of crop vigor and canopy stress. These drones can cover enormous fields to collect crop moisture data, and sound the alarm whenever critically dry areas are identified. They can also spot things like bacterial or fungal infections and pest infestations. A quick response can save an entire planting by applying solutions as needed. Our drones’ multi-spectral sensors allow you to precisely apply needed water, fertilizers or pesticides only where they’re needed, instead of applying the same amounts across the entire field.

All the data is stored in our centralized mainframe computer, so we can get real-time indications of crop health, track trends, forecast yields and improve decision-making. Together, we can identify issues early and target high-risk areas more quickly and efficiently. All so you can increase yields, save time and increase your return on investment.

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